Luminox 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch - Only 730 units worldwide, the design is vintage inspired, yet incredibly modern.

​Luminox Navy Seal 3600 Series

The Navy SEALs are America’s premiere defenders, willing to go to any lengths to preserve freedom. For many years, Luminox has been supplying to the SEALs and supporting their missions by developing the highest quality timepieces built to withstand the rigors these warriors put them through.

​Luminox Light Technology (LLT)

Luminox is proud to continue working with and supporting the ICE-SAR, a historic Search and Rescue operation, and to be equipping them with ICE-SAR Arctic Series watches.

Luminox Light Technology (LLT)

Luminox Watches CONSTANTLY Glow for Up To 25 Year, without relying on external sources such as day light or the push of a button to light up as do watches with electroluminescence.

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday with Nick North

TOUGH STORIES - Quitting Never Crosses My Mind.
A powerful and personal statement by Nick North, retired Navy SEALs.

“I was always looking for the schedule, and there's the next evolution, and I'd be ready for it, and I'd go do that evolution. Then we would do the next one, then the next one. We would just keep moving forward.

ICE-SAR Arctic 1000 Series

Luminox watches are designed and produced to go where few people would think of taking a high-quality timepiece. To celebrate and commemorate this partnership, Luminox has created a special ICE-SAR Arctic 1000 Series, which is made up of five models, with one being a special limited edition

#EverySecondCounts - TV Spot

Whether it is search and rescue, a race against time, or making it to the top of the mountain for the sunrise, for every great mission, #EverySecondCounts.

A few seconds can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful venture, a great athlete beating their own best time, or making it to that moment that you’ve dreamed of your entire life.

Luminox Wreck Diving - featured by GEAR JUNKIE

Luminox Navy SEAL watches are made for hardcore users. GearJunkie teamed with Luminox to produce a video on wreck diving in frigid Lake Superior, watches strapped to wrists.

Navy SEAL Chronograph 3580 Series

The 3580 Series introduces several upgraded features designed to weather the toughest obstacles. The mantra is even prominently displayed on the dial of the XS.3581.EY.F model, inspiring those who have it strapped to their wrist to dig deep and overcome any challenge in their way.

The Master Carbon SEAL

“Luminox watches are known for their durability and the new Carbon SEAL takes rugged to a whole new level. The Carbon SEAL uses a 40% carbon compound case rendering the watch ultra-strong without adding the weight of steel or even titanium.” Shaun Marriot, Lt Commander, Navy SEAL (Retired)

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday - Training

The U.S. Navy SEALs are the most elite combat unit in the world, whose core values embrace never quitting, and to do whatever it takes to pull your teammates through. 'The only easy day was yesterday' is a saying also embraced by the SEALs as meaning that every day you should work harder than the last, making the previous day seem easier.

Spec Ops Challenge - Train like a real Navy Seal

The Luminox Special Operations Challenge watch sets commemorate the relationship between Luminox and the Navy SEALs. The sets include either a Navy SEAL Colormark or an A.N.U model, an interchangeable webbing textile strap and changing tool, as well as a L.S.O.C. patch.

The evolution of an icon

Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1520 Automatic Series

The Luminox Deep Dive Series are 500 meter/ 1500 feet water resistant watches - serious, certified watches for professionals, complying with the strict and extremely high standards of ISO 6425 for Diving watches.

Luminox Navy SEAL 3500 Series

Luminox is proud to announce the Navy SEAL 3500 Series, the next evolution of the best-selling Navy SEAL collection of timepieces. Available in the slightly larger 45mm size, the series comes in seven colorways from the stealth blackout to the bright yellow favored by divers.

Luminox SEA Trailer

Luminox had the Navy SEALs in mind when developing our nautical timepieces. Today rescue, rig and wreck divers alike, as well as water sports enthusiasts trust in Luminox. Water resistant to a depth of up to 500 meters, these precision timepieces handle tons of pressure.

Luminox AIR Trailer

Developed for elite pilots of the United States Air Force that fly some of the most spectacular aircraft engineered. Things can get shaky at speeds over 2193mph, especially with multiple G-Forces pushing in. Luminox aviation timepieces were built with down to the second reliability, be it on missile runs or touching down on an aircraft carrier in pitch dark.

Luminox LAND Trailer

Built for all the adventures and activities of your life, and often tested by the toughest elite forces on the globe. These watches are the leaders of the pack and trusted by overachievers around the globe – sportsmen and elite troops in all conditions.

Making of ..

All Luminox watches are Swiss Made.
These watches must undergo additional manufacturing steps that other watches do not require. The Luminox self-powered illumination system must be installed into each and every watch. It is a costly and time consuming endeavour but it is what makes Luminox watches special.

Scott Cassell - Expert Counter-terrorism Operative & Undersea Explorer

For 15 years, Cassell was a principal investigator in field studies of Humboldt squid. His filmmaking and production credits include more than 35 television shows and documentaries broadcast on the Discovery
Channel, the History Channel, MTV, Disney, Animal Planet, Spike TV, the BBC, and more.

Luminox Master Carbon Seal 3800 Series: About CARBONOX™+

Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 Series