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Preserve your Luminox

Recommendations to preserve your Luminox Purchase


Your Luminox timepiece will continue to give you the time with precision and beauty if you give it proper care. The following recommendations will help you preserve it throughout the years.

Please regularly rinse your watch in clean, fresh water to remove any sediment or other material that may accumulate on the watch during use. This is especially important after each immersion in salt water. Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetic products etc., since they may damage the bracelet, the case or the gaskets.

Luminox watches are made with heat tempered mineral or sapphire glass crystals, depending on the specific model. Sapphire glass crystals are highly scratch resistant. Mineral glass crystals, though scratch resistant, are softer in composition and may exhibit surface marring over time. A cracked, chipped, or loose crystal should be replaced immediately, as it may lead to water resistance or fogging issues. 

Water Resistant
Luminox watches are water resistant and tested for pressures from 10 to 50 ATM, depending on the model (as indicated on the case back of your watch), which is equal to a pressure at 100 to 500 meters depth. The water
resistance is rated based on laboratory pressure tests comparable to a swimmer or diver sitting still at that pressure level. However, many water-based activities involve a lot of movement and other environmental changes which may challenge or defeat the water protection features of a water resistant watch. Water resistance cannot be permanently guaranteed. Extreme sudden changes in temperature, accidental shock to the watch, even invisible by eye on crystal, crown or pushers, or exposure to certain chemicals containing alcohol (sun cream etc.) causing the gaskets in your watch to dry out prematurely, might compromise the water resistance of your timepiece. With the exception of the turning bezel, the crown and/or pushers should never be operated under water. Before wearing the watch in or under water, please ensure that all moving parts are in rest position and that the crown has been pushed or screwed down tightly. After using saltwater, your watch should be rinsed with clear fresh water and then cleaned and dried. Do not under any circumstances open the watch by yourself. issues are not covered by the warranty and are subject to repair charges; in such instances you should send your watch to an authorized Luminox service center for inspection and/or repair.

We recommend that all gaskets be inspected and replaced every 18-24 months by an authorized Luminox service center (yearly if the watch is frequently used in chlorinated swimming pools or saltwater environments). Before and during any contact with water, the crown must always be firmly pushed (or screwed-in, depending on the model) towards the case and neither the crown nor the push buttons can be activated in the presence of water.

Luminox quartz watches are equipped with high quality batteries at our Swiss factory. At the end of the battery’s life, battery replacement should be performed by an authorized Luminox service center, which will also check the full functioning and water resistance of your watch and change its gaskets, if necessary. The batteries will be collected and properly disposed of.

Power Reserve
The functioning of a self-winding mechanical Luminox movement depends on the wrist movements of the wearer. When fully wound, the watch will have a power reserve corresponding to the model's specifications.

Crowns (applicable models)
Screw it in carefully to ensure that no water enters the mechanism.


The way you wear your strap or bracelet and how you take care of it influences its appearance and longevity. The following section will provide you with information about our different bracelet types and recommendations on how to preserve their beauty and functionality over time.


The longevity of straps depends on your wearing habits and the exposure to water, sweat, sun, and chemicals such as sun cream, lotions, etc. It is normal for a leather strap to darken and deteriorate over time. We recommend that you regularly change your strap, also for hygienic reasons. Original Luminox straps are available at authorized retail and online stores.